Monday, 29 November 2010


So today, myself and my lovely friend Helen have had a stall in the Sunday upmarket in Bricklane, East London. We share this stall- Helen sells gorgeous vintage finds which she has picked up on her travels and i sell my trusty knickers (every girl needs knickers... unless you find them more of a hinder? Who knows?.... luckily this is a none judgemental blog.

I also sell hand knitted scarfs and my best seller...  knitted headbands. All the rage!... Yay for me.

Ooo and i have been making patch work cushions that are gorgeous! I cheat though. I sew them on the sewing machine... not hand sewn. Its funny though because a lady told me about a patch work quilt she had just finished stitching by hand...... only took her 26 years! I'm sure it is a beaut.

The stall in its glory

Handmade Cami tops with matching knickers £25 a set

Polka dot and animal print set £25

Hanging my knickers on the line

Have have a vast amount of wool to make.....

Scarves with pockets. All hand knitted with love and cups of tea.

Busy busy

Raquel in the cream gold and grey scarf which i just finished.

Helen rocking the extra long black and cream scarf.

This woman wanted one of those belt type thing she had around her waist! I'm not sure it will catch on to be honest... but what do i know!


  1. hi, can i order one of those belt band things? i think they might catch on.

  2. Im laughing because that woman flashed us.... pulled up her coat and showed us her belt! Priceless!

  3. Is that woman wearing my beige coat? I nearly wet myself when I saw Milesy. He is a natural.

    Keep up the good work x